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Related Arts Selection Form for Incoming 8th Graders ONLY


Dear 7th Grade Parents & Guardians,


Next year we will be offering 8th-graders some choice in the related arts courses that they are taking as part of their cycle offerings.  Please review the information below and discuss with your child the various offerings.  Please select your top two options using the form link at the bottom of this email.  Please complete this form no later than June 1, 2019.

All 8th graders will get two back to back semesters of Fab Lab in the new innovative space ( either the first half or second half of the year ) for their cycle period. 

FAB LAB  brings students together in a shared space to collaborate on turning their ideas into reality. This course provides students with the opportunity to learn by doing and creating. This purpose-built space brings students and staff together to identify and address design problems at the local and global levels. Fab Lab also serves as space where people can gather, use design thinking for innovation and host brainstorming sessions, design sprints, or innovation workshops. Students rotate between three courses of action in the class; physical, virtual, and culminating projects. This rotation allows the student the freedom to explore their own goals and select activities that address their individual needs. 

For the other two semesters Grade 8 students will get to experience TWO of the following THREE courses:

BEYOND THE SPOTLIGHT - Professional athletes, actors, and musicians captivate us and attract millions of fans across the globe. However many don’t often examine the larger stories that take place backstage and off-the-field. This class will give students a new perspective on the sports and entertainment industries: we’ll look at the challenges certain celebrities have faced to succeed and investigate the challenges that remain.

ART 8 - Unleash your creativity and discover your expressive voice! The 8th-grade art cycle focuses on expanding the art experience to include more complex materials, techniques, and processes within the units of ceramics, sculpture, painting, and drawing. The power of the Arts in the commercial world and as a means of vocation is emphasized.

SHARK TANK - Shark Tank is designed to give students the skills needed to accomplish tasks in their daily life here at Millburn Middle School and at home. The course utilizes an interactive, activity-driven curriculum, designed to engage students in practical, real-world scenarios. Students will learn how to become entrepreneurs and learn what they need to start a business. The course will culminate with students presenting and sharing their ideas with a Shark Tank audience.

You will pick your preference for TWO classes and you are guaranteed to get ONE of your TWO choices. Due to scheduling constraints, you will be placed into the second elective based on sectioning and availability. 

We look forward to offering these new exciting courses and giving you some voice and choice in your learning!

Related Arts Selection Form Link: