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October 25, 2019 ~ 8th Grade Field Trip to Paper Mill Playhouse for the musical "A MORE PERFECT UNION"

October 11, 2019

Dear 8th Grade Parents & Guardians:

Paper Mill Playhouse has graciously invited Millburn Middle School’s 8th graders to attend a complementary field trip performance of the musical "A MORE PERFECT UNION", which is a one-hour performance about the crafting of the US Constitution performed by the Pushcart Players. This exciting opportunity is scheduled for Friday, October 25, 2019, at 10:00 am. You can learn more about the show and its curriculum connections here:
Our students will walk to and from the Papermill Playhouse. Our 8th graders will be back in time for their regular lunch period. In the event that they are delayed, we will extend their lunchtime to ensure that all students are able to eat lunch before going to the next period.
This field trip serves as an opportunity to extend the learning experience, expand on curricular topics and themes while exposing students to the arts. Field trips, in general, provide learning opportunities for students that cannot always be achieved in a traditional classroom setting. Field trips should be considered integral parts of a student’s education and school experience. Students are expected to participate in all trips and activities that are planned for them by their teachers.
Please see the attached permission slip. Please complete and return by Wednesday, 10/23/2019, to your child's homeroom teacher. Students attending the field trip must have a signed permission trip in order to attend.
Warm regards,

John Connolly
Millburn Middle School