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Essex County Gifted and Talented Forensic Competition

On Wednesday, 5/16/2018, six of our Millburn Middle School students competed at the Essex County Gifted and Talented Forensic competition, at Montclair State University. Our sixth graders were Aaron Agarwal, Riya Tyagi, and Ethan Wang. Our seventh graders were Meher Harjani, Evan Shidler, and Anoushka Singh. They were selected from among a group of 23 students that participated in our after-school public speaking club.
Our students competed in an event called Oratory Declamation, which requires the student to memorize a speech at least 4 to 5 and a half minutes long. We have been working with the students both during our after school club sessions and the following weeks to prepare them.
Their selections varied from modern to historical. They met with worthy competitors. Two of our students received second place in their division: Sixth grader, Ethan Wang, for his delivery of Winston Churchill's "We Shall Fight on the Beaches" speech and seventh grader, Evan Shidler, for Franklin D. Roosevelt's Inaugural Address.
We are proud of all of our students and their hard work and commitment. We thank the PTO for supporting the Public Speaking club.