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The overall focus of the MMS Guidance Department is to promote student resilience.  Each year the guidance department will teach skills specifically designed to help students become more resilient. The grade-level focus is as follows:  Grade 6 – study skills, anger management/self-control and self-awareness.  Grade 7 – self-advocacy, people-pleasing behaviors, mediation support and time management.  Grade 8 – positive role models, peer leaders/service-learning opportunities and career exploration.

The MMS guidance team is an integral part of the total school environment.  Its program is designed to foster self-awareness and self-esteem.  The Department’s school-wide approach consists of guidance led classroom lessons, group and individual counseling, and community service.  Such a multifaceted approach addresses the needs of all students as they develop.  During the three year academic and personal journey, we strive to assist each student as he/she discovers and enhances his/her unique gifts and grows in self-confidence to meet academic and personal challenges.  We believe the home-school partnership is vital in assisting all students through the middle school years.

All guidance counselors share the commitment to a positive exchange of ideas among MMS teachers, students, and their families.  Students are periodically contacted by their counselors for an interview to check on their progress and plans.  If a pupil does not wish to wait for his/her regular interview, he/she may request one.

New to Millburn Township? Once you have registered your child for the Middle School, contact the guidance secretary, Mrs.Lisa Boldt, at (973) 379-2600 x20009 to make an appointment for a scheduling meeting. You will be set up with an appointment with Mr. Pisa to discuss your child's placement and to introduce your family to your new school and community.
In the meantime, we invite you to go to our Welcome Page which is a site that we have put together to welcome and introduce new families to our school.