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Related Arts

Art at the Middle School level is a general art course which encourages students to experience the joy of making art through a variety of media . During the course of each cycle, a student will explore multi-media. Each class will work with clay, paint, oil pastels, drawing, and one cross-curricular project. The focus is on expanding the art practice to include more complex materials, recognizing the arts in the commercial world and connecting its content across the curriculum. In this way the learning becomes real, tangible and powerful. Art plays a vital role in every culture.

Broadcast Lab focuses on public speaking, media literacy and technology through character education. Students learn how to use technology to create a message, and how to use that message to effect change within their community. Student hone skills to better understand how to create a presentation utilizing the latest technology while focusing on concrete public speaking skills, character education values, and technology integration.
Design and Engineering teaches the Design Loop, hands on projects like straw rockets and CO2 powered Drag cars.
Digital Photography is a unique balance of graphic design and photography, with art history incorporated throughout. Students will learn and utilize manual settings of a DSLR cameras to take photographs. Special attention to light and composition will be explored thru lessons, including depth of field, HDR, and light writing. Techniques the students will learn includes text alignment, spacing, photo editing, uses of different filters, effects, brushes, typography, etc. this helps us to create magazine designs, logos, pop art portraits and cartoon image. Students will comprehend the parameters to critically evaluate their work, and to further appreciate graphic artists and photographers they will research during this cycle course.
Human Rights explores current event situation that threaten human rights. Students are asked to explore the background, differences that cause such conditions and to consider actions we can take to improve and or prevent human rights violations.
Leadership class will focus on student driven inquiry, communication and design. The many components of this course will include the following: digital citizenship, digital literacy/media, social awareness, learning portfolio, research and collaboration tools, various approaches to solving problems, the engineering design loop, and app development in our high tech world.
Robotics makes use of Lego Mindstorm, and selectively RobotC, Arduino and Java.

Tech Connection addresses the needs of our students to understand the impact of technology on society as both users and creators of innovation. To understand its influence, they will research a technology of choice. As innovators, they will build, modify and program robots while engaging in essential skills such as collaboration, the engineering design process, problem solving, reasoning, logic, critical, and computational thinking.