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Information » Return to Full Day Instruction & Current Bell/Cohort Schedules

Return to Full Day Instruction & Current Bell/Cohort Schedules


Update: 4/30/2021:

REMINDER: Return-to-Full Day Instruction: May 3, 2021


Dear Parents and Guardians,


We are ready for our return to a full-day session on May 3, 2021.  The Middle School Administration has been working hard to prepare for students to have a full day of in-person instruction starting on Monday, May 3, 2021.  This change offers many benefits and opportunities such as:


  • Returning students to a full day of school experience now will aid students in the transition back to a more traditional school experience hopefully in the fall.
  • Allows for a preview of what September 2021 might look like and provides us an opportunity to make the necessary adjustments to be successful in the fall as we look to a more traditional school year.


Bell Schedule:

  • We will run all periods 1-9 in sequence with a break for lunch in the middle of the school day.  We will no longer run Blue and White Days. 
  • The schedule will afford 43 minute periods with a 35-minute lunch break.  There will be 4 periods before lunch and 4 periods after lunch. Below is the bell schedule for our Return to Full Day instruction.

Full-Day In-Person Schedule May 3rd


  • We have transitioned to a Cohort Model where we will alternate by day A/B.  We will no longer follow an AA/BB sequence for cohorts. 
  • All students have been assigned an A/B/E Cohort if they are participating in the Hybrid Learning Model or Cohort D for the Remote Learning Model.

Cohort Schedule

Cohort Plan through June 23, 2021


Lunch Reminder: (As originally communicated.)

  • Due to the construction taking place at the Middle School in the Cafeteria, we have 3 large outdoor tents installed on the backfield.  We will hold a unit (single seating) lunch outdoors each day, with grades 6-8 eating simultaneously.  There will be no option for indoor lunch for students. 
  • We will not be serving lunch, all students will be required to bring a “brown bag” lunch.
  • There will be no tables set up for lunch, just a chair to maintain social distancing.  We have enough folding chairs for each child to sit down during lunch.  Thus we ask that lunches remain simple and can easily be eaten.
  • There will be NO food deliveries to the Middle School.  We are not permitting students to receive deliveries, of any kind, to the Middle School for lunch.  We are still limiting visitors to the school.  
  • We understand that there may be an occasion where a student forgets his/her lunch - in those instances, a parent/guardian can drop off a lunch, we ask that this be only in an emergency and that we do our best to limit the need to drop off items at the school.  
  • Any item dropped off will be the responsibility of the student to pick up from the main office. 


The tents for lunch have been installed on the field behind the middle school, there is 1 large tent for each grade:


MMS Tents


In the event of extreme weather:


In the event that there is extreme weather forecasted for a school day between May 3 and June 18, 2021, we will call for a ½ Day In-Person (periods 1-4) and ½ day Remote (periods 5-9).  In this scenario, we will call this in advance.


Extreme Weather Schedule 1/2 in-person/1/2 remote


In the event that we encounter a pop-up thunderstorm or encounter an excessive amount of rainfall that results in a safety concern we will be forced to move our lunch inside: 


Emergency Locations for Lunch due to Extreme Weather:






(B & L) New Gym

(T & M) Auditorium 


(B & L) Lower Gym 

(T & M)  Library 


(All) Upper Gym  

(All) Upper Gym


Warm regards,


John Connolly


Millburn Middle School