It is important for students to be present in school unless your child is ill. In the event of an absence, parents/guardians must contact the school to inform us each time their child will be absent.  Please call 973-379-2600, Extension 20002 and leave a voicemail message or contact the attendance secretary, Ms. Renee Luciano, via email at, by 8:30 am.  This process is the same for non illness related absences and for those who will be coming in late to school.

Students absent due to illness should stay home until fever-free without medication for 24 hours. 

The Middle School uses an automated phone system to contact parents/guardians when a child is absent without parent notification.  The automated phone call system requires that parents contact the school to confirm their child’s absence.  If you receive an automated call, you will need  to call the attendance office as soon as possible. If we do not hear back, the secretary will attempt to reach you to confirm. If there is no confirmation as to the student’s whereabouts, the Middle School will notify the police.

Tardy to School:
Parents/Guardians must notify the school if their student will be late to school.  A student is considered absent until they arrive. Please call or email to notify the main office.

Early Dismissal:
When it is absolutely necessary for parents to take students out of school for appointments, we ask that you adhere to the following procedure:

  • Please send an email to by 8:30am, explaining the reason, and time of pick up. If other than a parent will be picking up, please provide that name in the email as well.  The email will be read by the attendance secretary on the morning of the appointment.

  • Your child will be issued a special dismissal pass by the office.  Your child will show the pass to the teacher and meet you at the main office vestibule at the designated time.  The administration does not want office personnel to interrupt learning by making announcements into the classroom.

  • You will have to sign your child out in the vestibule at the main entrance, Door 21.  If you are planning to have some other adult pick up your child, you must provide the name of the adult and your permission in writing or email prior to the appointed time.


  • If your child is returning to school, he/she will have to sign in in the vestibule when they arrive.  It is not necessary for parents to sign their child in upon return.