Social Studies

The sixth grade Social Studies curriculum is designed to encourage and enable students to understand the world in which we live through the study of history and the cultures of the ancient world. The curriculum emphasizes government, law, economics, science, technology and the arts. The integration of student projects and primary sources help to enhance student learning experiences.

The seventh grade course is an introduction to the geography, history and culture of places in Africa and Asia. Through a mix of independent and collaborative school work, students will develop skills used in writing, research, primary and secondary source analysis, map work, etc. 

In Eighth-Grade Social Studies, we cover Civics through the lens of American History. The curriculum includes the precedents for American government seen in the colonies, the development of the U.S. Constitution and the country's history operating under it through the Civil War/Reconstruction Era. The major themes of the class include the development of American ideas of what constitutes good government, the proper role of governmental power in Americans' lives, the struggle for rights/equality and the events in American history, including present day, that shape and challenge those concepts.