Health and Physical Education

Physical Education:

The physical education program at Millburn Middle School is designed to promote physical, mental, and emotional fitness among students. The program focuses on developing students' skills in team and individual sports, cooperative activities, and fitness during middle school. Students in grades 6-8 will participate in various physical activities, including but not limited to soccer, ultimate frisbee, speed stacking, scooter games, cooperative games, volleyball, table tennis, rope jumping, badminton, pickleball, team handball, basketball, and tchoukball.

Physical Education Required Attire : Students in Physical Education are required to change for Physical Education daily. Students are required to wear a white t-shirt with their first and last name on the front and back of the shirt, athletic shorts, sweat pants/joggers/leggings, and sneakers.

Physical Education Lockers & Locks: Students will be assigned a Physical Education locker in the locker room to store their physical education clothing. Each student will also be issued a Master Padlock by their Physical Education Teacher. Students are expected to keep their lockers locked at all times and secure any valuable and will be assigned a lock for the school year.

Injury/Illness Preventing Participation: In the event of injury or illness that may prevent a student from participating in Physical Education, parents are to send a doctor's note to the school nurse. The school nurse will review the submitted doctor's note and recommendations as they apply to participation in physical education. An alternative assignment for physical education will be assigned for students missing physical education by their teacher.

Health Education:

The foundation of the health education program at Millburn Middle School is based on promoting physical, social, emotional, and psychological health.  Health Education is designed to encompass national and community health concerns and wellness promotion, with content reflecting the most current issues affecting our children and basic health concerns.  The health program emphasizes physical and mental health topics relevant to adolescents.

6th Grade: Health and Wellness, Self-esteem and Body image, Growth & Development, Friends and Family/Relationship Skills, Nutrition, & Physical Fitness. 

7th grade: Body Systems Unit(Human Reproduction, Infectious Diseases & Sexually Transmitted Infection); Health & Wellness(Self-esteem, Eating Disorders, Stress Management, the importance of sleep); Bullying & Suicide; Physical Fitness & Nutrition. 

8th grader: Teen Relationships & Pregnancy/STI Prevention, HIB (harassment, intimidation & bullying), Abuse, Drugs, Alcohol & Tobacco.