World Languages

6th grade students are able to speak in complete sentences, have full conversations and write/type a coherent and logical letter. In addition, students are able to spontaneously speak in real life situations in the target language without note cards. (For example, they can communicate about their school day, activities, community and family life at home). Finally, students are able to research artists and present information about them in front of the class. It is amazing how much they grow and progress in one academic year!

In seventh grade Spanish students will talk about such topics like a Quinceañera, traveling to a Spanish speaking country and living a healthy lifestyle. We will cover the present tense and also the preterite. Students will be exposed to holidays in Spanish speaking countries and the culture behind them.

The focus of grade 8 Spanish is targeted on the study of a variety of topics including: professions, immigration, myths and legends, and art and culture. The curriculum reflects a careful progression of activities that guide students to be prepared for high school and establish a habit of self- reflection.

Students in French 1B will learn how to read, write, listen to, and speak in French at an ACTFL proficiency level of Novice-high / Intermediate-Low by the end of the course. Students will communicate on a variety of topics, including travel, self and family, foods, and clothing. Through projects, quizzes, and daily class exercises, students will learn how to spontaneously ask thoughtful questions, give opinions, and respond in the past, present, and near future tenses on the aforementioned topics.